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Traffic signal operations play an important role in the safe and efficient movement of people, goods, and vehicles through our roadway systems. According to the 2012 National Traffic Signal Report Card, the overall quality of traffic signal operations in the US is not satisfactory. In particular, the report stresses the need for routine signal timing updates to keep pace with changes in population growth and traffic patterns.

Federal Highway Administration Arterial Management Program lists the Traffic Signal Academy as a training source.

As they face limited fiscal resources, agencies at all levels must find ways to optimize available technology while applying innovative concepts to systems already in place. To aid in solving this problem, the Traffic Signal Academy will focus on academic research findings and established best practices in signal timing procedures and policies. This reliable information can help improve benefit-to-cost ratios by operating new or existing systems with greater efficiency.

The academy offers a comprehensive discussion on standards, warrants, installation and maintenance guidelines, and strategies to minimize the adverse effects of liability issues. Investing in traffic signal training, from design to operations to maintenance, demonstrates a robust commitment to continuous improvement in the nation's transportation system.

Traffic Signal Academy can bring workshops to your location. Please contact Dr. Airton Kohls (Phone: 865-974-0298, Email: for more information about setting up customized sessions for your agency.


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